Sweet billy/cookies/eviction

A family in Derek's family's ward has a young (6/7) down syndrome boy named
Billy got the flu 2 nights ago and fell asleep on his older brother John that night. The Dad came in the next morning to wake them up for school, and Billy didn't wake up. He had passed away.
I am so heart broken for the Yates family.
I can't even imagine coping with something so sudden and tragic.
Everyone that met Billy LOVED him. He was seriously, so cute.

I loved watching his family chase him around the choir seats during sacrament meeting. It was way more entertaining than the speakers! Am I allowed to say that? :)
Please remember them in your prayers.


I have never been one to remember St. Patricks Day, but for some reason, I have thought about it since Valentine's Day. I get really excited for holidays. As I'm writing this, I looked at my outfit. Green shirt, green bracelet, green socks.

I decided to make some St. Patricks sugar cookies. They were delicious. This is my first time making and decorating sugar cookies by myself. Big deal right? Gotta blog about it.


Some friends/renters at our complex didn't pay rent on time.
No big deal.
They thought it would be though. So we thought we'd make it one!
We made a fake eviction warning. We thought we were so clever.
For the phone number, we put the "how to keep an idiot entertained" hotline number. What kind of immature apartment managers would do such a thing?
Definitely us.


  1. Amanda, I mean mandy! Ha
    Hello fellow Blogger. Love your blog and you are so creative! You and your hubby are darling. Looks like life is so fabulous. I love it! Fun peeking in on your blog.

    P.s. you are gorgeous!!

  2. I too love your blog, you are so creative- and you write such funny things! I love the eviction joke! ha!


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