I'm havin' a moment

As I sit here doing stats homework, my mind can't stop thinking. Almost everyone I've met throughout my life is coming to mind. I could not be more grateful for so so many things. I love so many things in life, and too often don't show how grateful I am. You are probably on this list, and I'm so sorry I am not better at expressing my love and gratitude for you.

I am so grateful...

for every single person who had any part in my wedding, that Berit is dating Matt again, for my Nana who is so selfless, for my new job, for long toes so I don't have to bend over to pick things up, that Roxanne's baby is healthy, for sign language and those who taught me ASL, for Aunt Kambi who keeps me laughing, for the example, Kimeree and Phil set in having a great relationship, that my Paco (grandpa) is still alive, for Derek's patience with me when I don't want to cook or clean anything for days, that I have long eyelashes, for my only friend Candace at school (besides Derek), that things are working out with Suzy and Ben, for Chelsey Searles great photography that inspires me to still try, that I only have some facial hair to pluck instead of a whole beard(slightly sarcastic...i do have dark hair on my upper lip and chin), for Derek's great friends and their sweet wives, for the Lowry family, for the sweet letter Cosette sent when we got married, for the beautiful weather we are having right now, for Paige Ellis who was always a great example to me in high school, for my super fun and funny family, for my Dad's example of humility and 'geniusness', for Derek's great study habits he is trying, note trying, to teach me, for my strengthening families class that teaches me incredible things on how to be a better family member, for music, for my future kids who have helped me through my hardest trials, for my health, for Melissa in always being such a faithful and loyal friend, for the missionaries, that my brother Ammon on a mission gets home in 1 month and 2 days, that Derek dropped his girlfriends that waited for him on his mission and he picked me instead, for girl friends(I've never been good at making them, but those who will be my friend, oh I love them so), for my friend Ryan Halls who is so genuine and was always a huge example to me, for Randy Hyde the greatest psychologist and friend ever, for all of my friends in the therapy group that were amazing examples to me of how to get through unimaginable trials, for the boy who stood up for me when people were being mean in junior high, to my 8 six chicks for being incredible examples and friends, Sierra Ainge and her positive attitude through everything, for the comments you leave on the blog that are so supportive and remind me people do care, for my mom who can be the busiest person in the world and still be sane, for my in laws who are truly the most loving affectionate and generous people I know, for Kaitlin Gray and how long she has stayed my friend even when I wasn't a good friend, for my calculator so I don't have to do mental math which would be a disaster, for my friend Brad George who was always there for me throughout high school, for my sister Brynn who is the most inspiring and practical person in any situation, for Stephanie Nielsen who gives hope and is a great example of joy in motherhood, for Julianne Burr who is so sweet and has such a fun blog to keep me entertained during class, for craft blogs to inspire me to someday make something cool, for my patriarchal blessing, my Savior, and for Derek's unconditional love and support to me always.

I could go on, but I don't want cross the line of being obnoxious. That may have been like 13 lines up. Or one picture down.

I typed in "I'm grateful" on google images to find an inspiring image, and this is what came up. Please laugh. We sure did.

(picture taken down cause I got so sick of looking at it. It was a tattoo of a cat on a guys belly and his belly button was the bottom. Gross, but hilarious)

Please know this...
I love you and am grateful for you.
I mean every word.
If I have ever offended you, please know that I am truly sorry.

Hugs, lots of them,


  1. I have been so frustrated with photography lately. So thanks for this. Love you!

  2. I was just reading this blog post and then BOOM...my name appeared. It came out of nowhere. And you know what? It made my day! Thank you!! I love moments like these.

  3. Amanda you are SO sweet! I aspire to be like you! Thank you so much for your friendship throughout the years, you have ALWAYS been such a wonderful friend to me! I love you so much!


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