A Scary Scare

Before you hear the scariest story of your life, we wanted to show you our matching paper cuts.
We were so excited.
(PS...the nails are to help me break a terrible habit of I'm sure you can guess what)

We had a very scary, weird, and funny experience tonight.
I was waiting outside an apt complex while Derek ran in to deliver cookies to his home teachEEs.
20 minutes goes by.
He comes back and taps on the window and smiles at me.
I turn for 2 seconds to unlock the door for him, I turn back and he is completely out of site.
There were no trees or bushes to hide behind mind you. Just a nice pretty lawn.
I thought for sure he would be hiding behind the car or something, so I put the car in reverse to scare him. Well after he didn't pop up from behind the car. I got out and looked.
Nothing. I called his name. Nothing.
I started getting scared, but was more confused than anything.
I didn't think there was any way I could have just imagined that, but I seriously didn't know what else to think. All of these scary thoughts of him getting murdered or kidnapped were going through my mind. So dramatic I know, but I seriously didn't know what else to think. Downtown Salt Lake is WILD I tell you.
About 15 minutes goes by.
I had searched everywhere, tried knocking on the door of the apartment, and he was nowhere. I didn't want to drive home, and then have him show up and me be gone. He didn't have his phone. I called my Dad to ask what I should do. I was SO SCARED at this point.
Well to make a long story short, I prayed a couple times, he showed up, and I have never been so relieved or so confused in my life.
Turns out he had "raced me home" and was waiting for me to show up since I had the keys. He started worrying I had gotten in a bad crash since I never showed up.
Might you call us, "Worry Warts".
Definitely one of the weirdest but scariest experiences of our lives.
I went back and read this and realize how dumb it sounds.
But this has made me more grateful for what I have.
We never should take for granted what we have.
I have been so blessed and am so blessed.
Sometimes we forget how blessed we are, until the blessing is gone.

I recently have been reminded of how good life is, by some things not going my way. I got kicked out of volunteering for my prescription being 1 week expired that I took the day of my drug test, my job was going to kick me out until some social security name issues were worked out which will be a while, and school was way too much to handle. Small but big things.
Things are getting better, and I am so much more grateful for the good times, after weeks like the last few. Sometimes I just gotta force a smile, and look forward to the blessings to come at the end of the trial. They always do. :)


  1. Amanda,
    I love love your positive outlook at the end of it all. I bet that was suppper scary! Man I would have panicked! Thank goodness for prayer huh? :)
    I am glad you found each other!

    Love you
    p.s. I love your matching paper cuts ha I hope that someday me and my husband have matching paper cuts :) hehe

  2. ahahahaha your matching paper cuts, you guys are the greatest.


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