No school, somehow = productivity

I've been trying to figure out why all of the sudden I feel so productive in the day.
I have so much motivation to get things done.
And I've been so very happy!
I'm thinking it's because school is done.
But I like school, sometimes.

Speaking of school......
I graduate this summer!!!
I can't wait.

Then......I'll probably go back to school.
If my brain isn't fried by then.


  1. Amanda I am SO Extremely happy for you! That is so exciting when having an end in sight :) I love you so much! Thanks for always being such a good friend! love ya <3

  2. Ugh. I'm so jealous that you are done with school in the summer. What an amazing accomplishment!!!!!!!!!! What are you studying again? Anyways, like I said, How awesome are you for getting all of that schooling done! Yay!


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