-Keith Hallsted-

My Grandpa passed away around 7:00 last night, in Mesa AZ.
Words can't describe the influence my grandpa had on so many lives.
He served more than I've ever seen someone serve.
He laughed at my jokes.
He listened to my silly childhood stories.
He served me.
He taught my Dad how to work harder than I've ever seen someone work, who then taught me to work HARD.
About 5 years ago, he had a stroke. He started to forget things.
This was the start of Alzheimers.
About 2 years ago, he could still remember who I was after some talking and story sharing together.
After visiting him in October, he had no idea who even his son (my Dad) was.

It's been a bitter sweet experience.
I wish so bad I could have been there with Grandpa in the hospital and been there with all of the cousins to help paint, re-carpet, re-do the lawn, and replace furniture, etc. at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
We leave for AZ tomorrow. I can't wait to see everyone at such a special time.


I am SO HAPPY that Grandpa is himself again in Heaven. He knows who he is now, and knows who he is talking to. He can be with his brother and son. He can see that I got married and see what an incredible man I married. He can know how much I love him. I can't wait to give him a big hug again someday. Miss and love you Grandpa.

*Can't wait to give this sweet lady a hug.*


  1. Amanda, what a beautiful tribute to Grandpa! He still is an incredible and amazing man. I'm so glad that you get to go down for the funeral. Give everyone a hug for me. Love you!

  2. Amanda this is such a beautiful post. Your grandpa sounds like he was such a great man! May he rest in peace. I love you <3

  3. Amanda, I bawled reading this. I really have been so inspired by those who have passed on before us and know that without them and all their legacies, we would not be the people we are today. I'm so happy that the words of Malachi the prophet are coming to pass and that the hearts of the children are being turned to their fathers and that you are able to recognize all that your grandpa has done that 100% affects you in your own life. He really sounds like an amazing man, I know that he especially now will have a hand in your life. I know my grandma was with me when I had Eamonn and when I was struggling so much afterwards with postpartum. It's so awesome to see the hands of those we love in our lives.
    Anyways.. I am pregnant and oober emotional so don't judge me. lol

    Love you girl. :)



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