We love you Nana Jo

Nana Jo passed away Monday November 15, 2010. She was truly one of the greatest people. She was so spunky and happy always. She had the funniest sense of humor and was always cracking jokes. She was such a great example of service. While in the hospital, she was still planning a big Christmas dinner for us and saying what she was going to cook. She never gives up. She has done so many great things in her lifetime. We love her so much and are going to miss her dearly. I wish I had more pictures but boring wedding pictures were all I have on my computer. She has some of the funnest and craziest pictures.

1 comment:

  1. that was a sweet little tribute to her. :)
    cute picture at your wedding!!
    and for the post before this one, i cry all the time. those days are the worst!


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