Showering in Arizona

Dear fellow blog followers, we have missed you greatly these last couple days and/or weeks. The reason Amanda and I were gone for the last 3 days from Utah, is because of this: A bridal shower held in honor of Amanda, due to marriage, was held in Arizona. Therefore, you might be wondering why I went. It's because I want to be around Amanda 24/7. Also it's still winter in Utah and it's always summer in Arizona. Also to look at some properties in hopes of blossoming my career in real estate. In case you're wondering, the shower only had women food (salad). It was really good salad though. Because it was a bridal shower (not a groomal shower), I tried to hide from everyone while it was going on. Unfortunately, they kept finding me and bringing me in to meet people and etc. But overall, it was a fun and worthwhile experience.

At this current time, I am in bountiful and my lover, Amanda, is in Cedar Hills. We are both trying to be productive with getting certain things done and frankly when we are with each other, our productiveness decreases 50+/-%. That's why I updated the blog. Love you!

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