Don't give up....don't give up......

I have had a little surprise the past few weeks. Let me tell a little story. Sharing this with the WORLD will give me more motivation.

About 2 weeks ago, I was called in to go to the dress alterer's house to get a final measure. I brought my two sisters, Brynn, and Haley, with me. The lovely alterer, Andrea Woodall, left the room as I changed into my wedding dress. Brynn began zipping up my dress, and stopped, when I heard these words come from her mouth. "I hate to say it but.......your dress,.............doesn't zip up." NOooooooooooooo! So to give a short summary of what I just told you, yes, I'll admit, I'm too fat for my wedding dress that I'm supposed to wear in 15 days. No actually 11 days, for pictures.
So the past couple weeks have consisted of dieting. My diet includes: veggies, fruit, chicken, and fish. AKA, no sugar. Mostly veggies. It's working slowly, but surely. Woo! It's one of the hardest things I've ever done, because if you know me, I LOVE sweets. And it doesn't help that Derek and his brothers are doing what's called BG. Biggest G
ainer. They eat fatty foods all day long. I am learning to just leave the room while they enjoy heavenly milk shakes. Mandy Pandy Queen of Candy is the nickname I was given at age 2. I miss sugar, but it'll be worth it. And surprisingly, I'm excited to eat like this more often! I've also been exercising daily. Being able to do this, has given me more confidence in myself and I know I can do it now! I never thought I could.

P90X came in the mail yesterday. I completed the cardio X disc. I was excited. This morning as I stood up out of bed, I almost collapsed I was so sore. But I'm going to do as much as I can again this morning.

Last thing, I miss Derek. We again, are apart. I saw him tuesday for a little bit after his ward shower. I seem him again Saturday. Hopefully Friday for a date. I hate being apart from him. I'm so excited to be married so we don't have to do this anymore. But we are both being productive at home. I've been working hard on wedding plans and school, and he's been working on finding a place for us to live with his dad, real estate, and helping his brother with these last weeks of school. He is such a good example of love. Nicest and most loving person I know.

Announcements are about done and should be arriving in the mail today and tomorrow. If you don't get one, it's not on purpose I promise. There have been many complications and we did our best. Let me know, and I can get one to you! There are extras! Love you guys!


  1. No, we're not living with his Dad. I meant he's looking with his dad for places that Derek and I can live in. ;p

  2. Oh girl Im sorry.. I swear something always goes wrong with the dress. You cant fit.. my alterer spilled oil down the side of my dress. AND she decided she was not going to tell me.. So when I went for the final fitting I was surprised. No fun. good luck. Your almost there!!!!!

  3. We got your invitation!! We are SO excited for you guys! And...you are a pretty good looking couple might I add.

    Bradford and Jenessa

    (But mainly Jenessa since Bradford is not here right now).

  4. hi! so i alllways read your blog, everytime you update. i just always forget to comment!! your fiance is the cutest--so funny when he posts. did you find somewhere to live yet? pain in the behind.
    and ps my sister did p90x and LOVED it. she finished it a bit ago, and totally slimmed down! good luck & let us know how it goes!


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