"Why don't you write on your blog anymore?"

I get asked this question all the time. To be honest, I'm not sure.

I know part of it was that we could never go anywhere or do anything without a little voice inside my head saying, "Oh take a picture of this! Take a picture of that! It would be a good post for the blog!"

I was ready to just enjoy the moment. To be in the moment. Not trying to take pictures of the moments.

But the thing that keeps bringing me back, is the desire that I have to share what I think, and what I feel. About anything. Not about the flowers Derek got me, or how in love we are. Although, if you dare to look back to the beginning of this blog, you might throw up.

Well instead of rambling about my thoughts and opinions (i'll let you off easy this time), I will give an update! Probably to cyber space because I don't know that there is a soul out there that still reads this thing.....because there is nothing to read. Oops.

What have the Walkers been up to?

We moved back to Utah from New York the beginning of September. I was heart broken. But now that we're here, I've come to appreciate our time we've had with family. I don't know that I'll ever get over that great city and the even better friends we created out there. They were like family, and we will always love them. BTW - I'm coming to visit in a couple of weeks! Shake Shack. Be there, or be Square. I want to hug and kiss your beautiful New York faces.

What are we doing here?

Derek is working in Real Estate development and investing in Salt Lake. He loves his work. He spends much of his time reading books on books on books and is such a hard worker. I didn't realize that when I married him, I'd be in a polygamous relationship with Derek, and books.

I decided that if I couldn't live in NY, I would work for an airline that would fly me out there whenever my heart so desired. So...I applied for a job at JetBlue a couple weeks before we moved here, had an interview days after we arrived, and started work a couple of weeks later. I love it. If you ever need a travel buddy, I'm yours baby.

Do you guys have kids a dog yet?!

As you probably have already seen, we got a dog! He's the sweetest guy. He's going through an awkward teenage phase, getting a beard (seriously, it's hilarious), his changing voice (that he is so proud of and thinks he needs to bark at everyone and everything), and some other not so cute changes that will be cleared up come his neutering appointment in March.

Where do we live?

We live in an apt in Murray while we find a home. Any suggestions on where to buy? We don't have a clue where we want to live. Somewhere between Draper and Salt Lake. Do we get a new home? Or an older home with character? A starter home? Or a house we can grow into for 10+ years? A home with a basement apt for renters? Or a home that's all to ourselves so we don't have to share walls or floors or ceilings or ANYTHING with ANYONE ever again? Can you tell I'm ready for some privacy? ;) I just want to sing and not worry anyone can hear me. And play the piano without worrying I'm disturbing the neighbors. And go to sleep without hearing conversations, or other things, that I'd rather not be falling asleep to. Ya get me?

Well, there you have it. We're back in Utah, and would love to explore Utah, food, and events with you.

Who's in?


  1. Still have a reader in me. :)

  2. Love this. Yup, still reading. Aust gets home in 3 days and we'd totally be in for the Utah explore, food, and events with you :)

  3. Still here! Love yer guts!


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