Carnegie Hall, Vegas, cramming visitors, and decisions!

Between work for the both of us, Derek finishing up his last semester of school, and me picking up another class in search of what I want to do with my life, we have kept very busy. And you know we have been busy when we miss our usual shows throughout the week and when I haven't watched Ellen in almost two weeks! But I love staying busy. I feel like I am so much more productive with my free time when the rest of my day is filled with things.

We're getting down to the wire with having to make some big decisions. Derek will graduate in May, and our lease is up in June. We are on the hunt for where we want to live and what we both will do. Soon enough we will have news of a move to a new city, or a stay in New York City! We're getting anxious. It's an odd feeling to have no clue what life will hold for you in 2 months from now. Sometimes it's annoying, but lately it's been fun. I have learned it's all in the attitude. I used to wish we could just have it figured out already. But lately, I'm loving the adventure and living in the now.

A few weeks ago my sister and mom were in the city for a choir tour trip. I tagged along a bit and we watched her perform in various places.

My mom just can't get enough of us and came back for more Amereka (Amanda + Derek) time! ;) Except for this time she brought 8 people with her. And if you're shocked to hear we had that many guests, you don't want to know how many she wanted to bring. Ok, don't pretend. You totally want to know. Thirteen. THIRTEEN. Mean Amanda had to say no. And instead of feeling guilty like I thought I would, I was quite pleased with myself for saying no and saving us all from a bit of insanity. For those of you who don't know my mom, this might sound crazy. For those that do know my mom, it's totally normal. Back me up.

For general conference weekend we headed to Vegas with the Walkers. It was so nice to head to warmer weather. We had a blast! We got to jet ski, paddle board, go on a bike ride, watch the sun rise, watch conference, get pampered at the spa while the boys were at priesthood, and celebrate Jacobs birthday!

These boys could play football all day.

And these boys could talk Real Estate all day.


  1. cookie cereal for breakfast...You've GOT to be on vacation to think that is normal! Here's to loving the warmth and sunshine found in that neck of the woods!

    1. I know, funny huh? My brother in law woke up and made cereal with 3 bags of them like it was totally normal. We were cracking up!

  2. that's so cool that your sister performed in all those places! and fingers crossed that you stay in new york and move to the UES! :)

    1. I just found an apt on the UES that I'm dying to move into! It would be in your ward. We need to find a reason to stay first!


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