Superbowl party

We've made some new friends, and they are absolutely great! There is at least one student in each couple, we're all poor, and most of us are from the West Coast. We are building relationships that feel like family away from home and we love it. We decided to invite a couple over for the Superbowl. Then it turned into two couples. Then a couple that originally said no, changed their minds and decided to come. Then last minute we invited a neighbor boy that was recently baptized. Then it just turned into a big party in a little apartment! It was a blast!

I made some enchiladas, others brought drinks and food, and we talked and laughed the night away. Let's be honest, there were only a couple of people that actually watched the whole game.

Spelling Ravens. Obviously.


  1. LOVE this! Sarah and I are super good at spelling Ravens, just saying.


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