I can breathe

Today I'm doing days 10 & 11. I've been so excited for this post.

I am thankful that the primary program is overrrr!!!! Holy cow. I without question will appreciate our kid's primary teachers after this calling. That was so exhausting. I'm also grateful for the opportunity to be the chorister. Being the chorister is a lot of work. But it's so worth it. Those kids spirits are so innocent and sweet.

After sacrament meeting we had a party. I got to hold babies and eat fudge. Talk about the perfect primary. Two of my favorite things.

I'm also grateful to be so close to so many beautiful sites and scenery. This FDR memorial is on the bottom tip of our island. I can't wait to go back at sunset with the camera. It has an incredible view of all of manhattan and queens. I believe you could live in NYC your whole life and still not see all of the sites. 

Annnnd. For your entertainment. We get a pretty good laugh out of this.

Hope your weekend was wonderful!


  1. I'm obsessed with you and your blog...but you know that so I'm not ashamed :)

    And, you are such a good primary chorister!

    1. You're the nicest. I'm obsessed with you and your new haircut!!


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