Doctors and health

What would we do without doctors and modern medicine and knowledge? I wouldn't be where I am without it. I didn't grow up rushing to the doctor. My mom taught us to take care of ourself. So to this day I have a hard time getting myself to go to the doctor. I always feel like things will take care of themself. I almost feel wimpy going to the doctor. Actually, not almost. I do. And I'm not sure why.

But my husband has helped me to learn that it's ok to go to the doctor. And with my endometriosis journey, it has been so extremely helpful. Without doctors, I would not have known what was wrong and would not have been able to have my surgery.

In writing this post I've thought back on the month after my surgery. Such a rough time being apart from Derek and out of work for so long, but there were so many memories made and so many things to be grateful for. Like this cute girl...

This brings me to my next thing I'm grateful for. My health. Derek is probably rolling his eyes right about now, cause sometimes it seems like my body hates me. But I can walk. I can see. I can hear. I can taste. I can smell. I can hug. I can kiss. I have hair to do. I have eyelashes to put mascara on. I can eat on my own. I can go to the bathroom on my own. I can breathe on my own. I can laugh. So many things to be grateful for. Right now is a good time for me to be acknowledging these things, cause my body and my health have been getting me down. I have an out of place rib that 10 trips to the chiropractor can't fix, my endometriosis is coming back more and more every day, I just finished antibiotics for a UTI, and a couple other things we're still working on figuring out. Sometimes I feel defeated, and exhausted. Until I read things like THIS blog. But especially THIS post. Awesome right? I'm so healthy and strong. And so blessed.

There is so much to be grateful for.


  1. Hey I wanted to let you know that there is this necklace that may help you with your pain with endometriosis we just ordered one for Brecken for his eczema so I am not sure if they work I should be getting it within the next 2 weeks but from the reveiws I have read it works wonders. They are about $20 it is a hazelwood/amber necklace. If you go to the website hazelaid.com you can find out more info on it. I will let you know how Breckens works once we get it. I figured for $20 I will try it considering his ointment is $40 and it only lasts 2 weeks hoping this necklace is the answer!

    1. Totally checked it out and now I kind of want to get one. I am going to keep tabs on how it is working for B. Sounds like so far so good! That is amazing.


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