Thank YOU // Living in the now

I am so touched by the love and support you all shared after my last post on endometriosis. I posted with only the intent to answer questions and offer up support to others, but received so much love and kind words. And so many great tips and offers for recipes! It was also so comforting to hear you share so many stories of others successes in getting pregnant with endometriosis.

So, THANK YOU. So much for you kindness. It means so much to me.

I was also so thrilled to receive so many emails from people looking for help. My goal of reaching out to others worked. I'm so happy that I can use endometriosis to help others. I hope to continue to do so.

Tonight I attempted a nice dairy free, gluten free, steamed kale and chicken meal. Worst meal I've ever cooked. Oops.


Recently Mr. D and I were talking about living in the now. We often talk about next summer, since we'll be making big decisions and commitments. We talk about growing our family. We talk about buying a house. We talk about so many exciting things that make life sound like it couldn't be more perfect. But doesn't it always seem this way? "If only I had this or that. Once we have a house. Once we're done with school. If my outfits were cuter. If my hair were longer. If my skin were clearer. Once we have a baby." The dreaming never ends. It's so easy to get caught up in thinking life will only be easier/better when/if. But I've realized that it's our attitude about the now that makes all the difference.

I used to say, "Once we're in NY, life will be easier. I'll have more time to read books and do puzzles. I'll run through Central Park every day." Well now I realize, that it's not so easy and perfect. And probably never will be. But my attitude can make it perfect, no matter how imperfect the situation may be.

Anyone else ever feel this way? Or are we just brats sometimes? Please tell me we're normal. ;)

Phone pic update:

New shirt. New lipstick. So excited about both. Now I'm just pulling a, "If only my hair were longer, then this would all coordinate so perfectly." Haha.

I like to carry granola bars to give to homeless rather than giving money. Well I offered this lady sitting on the sidewalk a granola bar, and she turned it down saying she only wants a cigarette. I was shocked. My first thought was, "No wonder you're homeless." Then I thought about it and realized it is not my place to ever think such a thing. I don't know her story. #workingonit

Took these cuties to the zoo. I'm always way more excited about the animals than kids are.

The polar bear's fur was gorgeous in the water. I was in total awe. 

Tonight we went for a little ride/walk/run. Don't judge. Even if I am going to hell now for breaking the sabbath. I wasn't able to get in my miles for training yesterday because of rain, so I had to do them today. I was scared if I didn't that I'd get off and stop training again. Derek rode his penny board next to me. In his pajamas. It was so fun. 

The skyline, sky, and lights were incredible tonight. I tried to take a pic without stopping running, my flash went off, then the coolest buildings were out of site, so I gave up. This is what I came up with.

Ok, here is where you have to really try to restrain all judgements of all of that nasty hair. I swear we vaccuum. We found this little bugger yesterday hanging out by our bed frame. Wonder if he's ever come up in bed to snuggle with us. I try not to think about it too much. Makes me cringe.

I just said goodnight to the Mr.
For some reason, no matter how tired and exhausted I am, I get so much energy when we lay down to go to sleep. I just want to talk and talk, and snuggle, and talk some more. But D on the other hand likes to sleep when he lays down...to go to sleep.

I get frustrated sometimes because he just wants to be left alone to sleep, but I want to talk, and then I don't know what to do with all of my energy. So after prayers just barely he said, "Sorry I don't have the energy of a pack of 40 horses." 

And with that, goodnight fellow bloggers :)



  1. I have the hardest time living in the now.. We are constantly thinking of "when we have a baby, when I lose weight, when we have more money..." I catch myself in moments of pure happiness and wonder why I ever want to move forward. I really need to enjoy this time of just the two of us. Its never going to be perfect and its just going to turn into bigger stresses.. I also find myself getting jealous of couples that have moved out of Utah. I find myself thinking that I just want to move and have an adventure before we have kids. My mind was totally fixed on it for a while.. and I would get so depressed knowing that we are basically not going to move out of Utah, like no time soon if ever... I have to think of all the positives of staying here.

    Also, so proud of you and your training! Go girl! I have completely slacked, I am suppose to be doing a half marathon end of October and I have not ran in over a week. Bummer.

    1. When we come back to Utah, we should sign up for a race together. And pressure each other. :) Cause I have some ups, and really too long downs. It's so hard to stay motivated!

  2. Also, I love your hair. And as soon as you get it long you will look back and think "my hair was really cute short, I kind of miss it." My hair is getting long and I think "oh maybe I should cut it, get rid of all the dry damaged hair" You always think the grass is greener on the other side :)

  3. I am totallly the same way about living in the now. Loved that post :) you can rock red lipstick girl!

    1. Thank you my dear! I was looking through pictures and never knew I was so unfashionable and silly looking my whole life. So I'm trying. Haha. I need your help!

  4. You are so genuine! I love it! And you!

    1. Thanks mom! You're wonderful. Love you!

  5. Living in the NOW is difficult. But I'm a firm believer in dreaming. You just can't rest all of your happiness or satisfaction on attaining those dreams. In fact, I think that's why we need to date after marriage. We date to get away from the day to day mundane to be together and to dream - to reach for better things together. We fall in love all over again and get to know each other in different ways each time.
    But I still find myself looking for that "golden ticket" that will make everything easier and better. That's the hard part.
    Sorry about your kale and chicken meal... truly lame. Better luck next time??? :)

    1. I love this. We are huge dreamers. And it's true. There just has to be a balance. You're awesome.


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