A little walk through our LONG weekend

It has been such a perfect week.  I have had some time off of work, the holiday, it was all too good. Oh yeah, and I survived my night alone! Nothing scary happened to me! I promise you that I woke up and thought, "I made it! I made it, nothing happened, and I'm ok and happy!" Thanks for your prayers :)
Oh, and get ready for the biggest picture overload of your life. Thank heavens for collages, right? :)

Saturday night we kicked off the weekend by attempting to see Avengers. It was sold out, so we grabbed some dinner instead at one of our favorites, Schnippers!

Sunday we met up in Central Park with my long lost cousins! You can find her cute blog HERE.
We got rained out and ran to their apt to play some games, but of course talked and talked instead.
We can't wait to play with them again soon. Derek balanced the fruit salad on his head all the way to our picnic...almost, put on a rock concert, and modeled for me. All true. He's a wild man I tell ya.

Sunday night walking home, our usual ten minute walk took me about 45 minutes. But seriously, so gorgeous right?! 

Fun with sparkling orange juice and a camera.

Monday we were on top of things and got our Avengers tickets in advance! Through my short cat naps throughout the movie, I still loved the movie. I tell ya, living in the city, seeing your city destroyed in a movie, then walking out and seeing the buildings are totally fine really gets confusing. Not really. But seriously, watching NYC in practically everything, it feels like watching home rather than another world or make belief. Ya know?

If you ever come visit, Lombardi's, the second best pizza in the world, is a must try. It was incredible! 

Little Italy

China Town


  1. We had so much fun on Sunday! I realized after y'all left that we didn't play a single game, haha! Most definitely need a repeat picnic soon.

  2. Can I please be as witty and artsy-fartsy as you when I grow up? Pretty please?
    So glad you had an awesome weekend. We all need that kind of shot-in-the-arm every once in a while.

  3. Amanda, you seriously have the MOST beautiful smile ever! So glad you guys are still having so much fun!

  4. Okay okay... I am in love with your blogged life. Mands... seriously you are a super wife. just smile about it. So first, how do you make these picture collages of bliss? I can NEVER figure out my blog and you are profesh. AND I totally want you to make me a blog title thinger... its time to make me want to look at my blog. I love ya girl. Miss you a bunch. and hope that all is just dandy (and from all your adventures, I think it must be)


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