Vogue-us Bogus

How in the world are we ever supposed to keep up! Who ever decided that fake is beautiful. It makes me sick. I wish I could raise my children away from all of it. Away from the idea that you have to have perfect everything to be beautiful. Where perfect doesn't actually exist. I take it back. Where perfect DOES exist, and perfect is real, not fake, has flaws, and doesn't have the perfect body.

I was flipping through the vogue magazine and it was so disturbing. I have like 4 zits, some unwanted hair on my face, larger pores than preferred, weight that I don't love, therefore I must look like an ogre to the world compared to these photoshopped beauties. I don't really feel that way. Just sounds more dramatic. ;)

I wish there were a way to change what culture has decided is beautiful. Is there? There has to be. I'm scared for my children.

We hung our second decoration. I love her. She's eco-friendly, made of magazines, with lovely little gold thread.

Last night I found out that a friend from high school was reported missing. I was sick over it all night. I prayed my little heart out, along with many others. This morning she was found and in the hospital. I don't know details, but I do know that I am so grateful and happy for her and her family that she is back with them. Just another reminder to be grateful for loved ones.


  1. I want to come visit you guys! That is terrible news about your friend...keep us posted on what happened. Lots of love.

  2. Amanda you are beautiful! Just remember all those pictures of the so called perfect people have a ton of photoshop added to them...have you ever read the story you are special? If not read it:) love you!

  3. Hey, about that unwanted hair on your face... If you ever get so frustrated with it, I totally support you shaving your eyebrows. I might laugh at you, but I'll recover quickly, I promise.

  4. I think I needed this... It's good to know that someone else feels this way and struggles here.


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