So much love

NYC loves us. We've totally lived it up in New York this last week. We're having such a great time with my lovely cousin and her hubs. We've been to empire, the museum of natural history, hit up some israeli, Thai, and pizza restaurants, canal street shopping, 9/11 memorial, late night movies, and taking pictures galore. We sure love them. And this place.

And to the many who have requested design...things have been so crazy with family here. Please be patient. And still love me. Xoxo

Oh yeah, and if you're wondering how the cockroaches are doing, they're surviving just fine and multiplying and replenishing the earth unbelievably well! Me? TICKED. It's really gettin old, and they're gettin on my bad side. Don't mess. Oh wait, they already did. Watch out management. I'm comin for you.


  1. How long will you guys be living in New York? I think it's awesome that you are making the most of where you live. Both in terms of getting to know New York and in terms of handling stuff like cockroaches in your apartment. :)

  2. You should be able to get them to spray for the things and not have to pay for it. So sorry! We dealt with roaches in St. George, but they were bigger and fewer - a lot fewer in our house. I hear Borax works great. It's a powder that you can sprinkle near the openings or along edges of cabinets/walls. They walk through it and then because they don't like having their feet dirty, they lick it off and it kills them. I just never figured out where to buy the stuff. Good luck!


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