My need list

I'm noticing a pattern. And I don't love it.

I feel like I always have something on my "need"(want) list. I think that once I get that, I'll be happy, life will be better, and my need list will be empty for a while. But I'm noticing the list somehow always has something new on it. I need face moisturizer, I need a nicer camera, we just need one more couch cause one isn't enough if anyone else is here, life will be easier when D is done with school, life will be easier when we have a house, once we have a sweet little baby life will be bliss, I need a smaller purse cause mine was too big, etc.

Well guess what. I got the purse. Now I need a bigger one cause my purse is too small.

May I ask if any of you feel this way?

Will the list ever end? Probably not. So instead I think I need an attitude change. I think it's ok to want things, as long as we're happy in the now. We need to live in the now and enjoy it. We can't win this time back! I'm in New York City for crying' out loud! So many people would kill to be here, to have their husbands so close to finishing school, and to have a husband as hot as mine. ;) So much of this adventure is trying, overwhelming, and exhausting. Yet so much is beautiful, wonderful, and "once in a lifetime".

So live it up we shall and enjoy the now we will.

Also, I just read this book and LOVED it. It's about running a business. Sounds BORING right? It totally rocks. If you like photography, sewing, designing, software, finance, ANYTHING, this book is for you.


  1. I have been looking for a new read while doing my workouts:) you are so right about living ikn the now...we just need to enjoy this time abd be grateful for what we have:)

  2. um, yes.
    I think my list gets longer and longer.
    I'm so spoiled.


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