Home sweet home

I've made it back to NY! It's SO good to be with Derek again. I wouldn't have made it without my mom. My mom is incredible, really. I just had a fun lunch date with Derek.

Our friend Dan was in town, so Dan, Derek, my mother, and I headed off to church. We missed our ward but made some deaf friends in the halls. There is a deaf ward at our building and I'm excited about it! I was worried I'd forget sign language more and more with time, but I'm hanging in there. I can still communicate pretty well and it still feels natural. But I feel more and more nervous to sign as time goes on. After signing in the halls for a while, we caught the sacrament at the YSA ward. It was WEIRD going to a YSA ward again. We got a lot of funny looks. Dan enjoyed scanning the ladies though. :)

After church Dan cooked us a delicious Marsala Chicken dinner. It was fantastic. Then I crashed. I could not stay awake to save my life after that red eye flight.

We had our own little super bowl party last night after Dan and my mom headed to the airport to go home. Gosh it was fun. The best part was the fact that I got to watch it with D. Second best was hearing the city yelling after the Giants won. I officially have Giant pride.

This week i'll be job hunting and finishing this book.

I have an interview tomorrow with a family that seems really nice. I think I have decided to continue nannying. Especially after having such a good time with this cutie and his sister. His mom texted this to me yesterday. I miss them like crazy! Listen close when he's whispering. It's darling.

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  1. LOVE that you are back with the hubby. There's nothing that beats being with your spouse and best friend. I hope whoever hires you treats you well and realizes all the awesomeness you are!


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