In love

We have arrived!

It is better than we ever imagined. We were nervous, but now we want to stay forever. Ok maybe it's too soon to make such a large statement. We've been here 2 days. It's beautiful and practically perfect. We love the people, the surroundings, our island, Times Square, the squirrels, the river, everything. Anyone and everyone needs to come visit.

I love hearing the recording with the Indian accent over the intercom at the airport. I love calling Ikea to check on our order and hardly being able to understand the recording cause she's black. I love walking into the library only discover the original Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals and a real KKK uniform. I love how real everyone is here. I love that Forever 21 is 4 stories high. I love hearing the buzz of the city always. I love everything about this place. It's so perfectly beautiful, and beautifully perfect.
Special shout out to my dear friend Berit. I am so blessed to have her in my life.


  1. Ooooh!! I am so excited to come and visit you! Although I've been there many times, it's so much more exciting that you're living there! I love you so much and I miss you already, Sister!

  2. Okay I am so happy you are loving this adventure both your life's! I so cannot wait to come visit you I actually had a dream about coming to visit you and I did not want to leave:) Love you!

  3. Good luck on your new adventure! I am excited to see updates. You guys will have so much fun!

  4. You guys are wonderful!

  5. So happy you guys are happy! I will live my dream of living in NY through your blog :) Keep it up!


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