You know those things...

There are some things in life that bring back such fresh, such strong emotions and memories.
Some of these things are good, some bad.
These things can be smells, songs, people, places, etc.
For the most part, I love these things.
Yesterday, I didn't like those things. It seems that even though it's over and done, it really gets me worked up. Why is that, and how can I get past it? I want to figure it out.

The other night we raked our tails off. That statement would probably be literal if we had tails.

Needless to say, 27 bags of leaves later, our backs were achin'.

Things brings me to my next topic.
I think I speak for both of us when I say we wouldn't take back the experience we have had, but that we wouldn't do it again....maybe unless it were some killer deal.

Our favorite/un-favorite memories:

Waking up to flooding on our one year anniversary.

Being woken up in the middle of the night multiple times...usually for flooding.

Being woken up at 5 AM and told to unclog someones toilet...(uh, how about do it yourself?)

Being woken up by a drunk guy who just got out of prison and was looking for his son.

Hundreds of lockouts.

Many broken into cars.

The 70 year old owner with a toupee and gold chains hitting on me. Barf.

The doorbell always ringing at the most inconvenient times (getting in or out of the shower, going to the bathroom, etc.)

The Winner: Finding a 22 year old tenant dead in his apartment while Derek was out of town.

Which brings me to our next topic... date night!
I'm sure we'll get scolded, but scold me, not Derek. It's my doing. I can't wait for Christmas.

We sipped caramel hot chocolate, painted an ornament representing UTA Trax to remember SLC living, while listening to Christmas music! Mmmmmm, i love it. I think it's allowed if there is snow on the ground and it's below freezing outside!

Last thing I promise. I just want you to know you're ALWAYS invited for dinner. Why? Because we love you. Why else? Because I have a SERIOUS problem. I cook for a family of twelve, for a family of two. Also, if this picture makes you sick to your stomach, it shouldn't. It looks gross and fatty in this picture, but it was actually quite healthy and delicious! Healthier than normal lasagna that is.

Pesto, spinach, chicken lasagna.

This may be the last time for a while that we make this. It costs half of our monthly salary. Not really. But it cost us like 15 bucks to make! Yikes. But it was a yummy 15 bucks.

Happy Sabbath! We're off to visit some favorite cousins. :)


  1. Why yes, I would LOVE to come for dinner anytime :)

  2. It was good to see you last night! I bet it was a party over there.

  3. Ok your place kind of sounds like the house of horrors, that is so sad about the 22 year old. And um YUM can I get that lasagna recipe??


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