Are we really married?

Sometimes I still can't believe I'm married to Derek Walker.

This is a picture of us at his homecoming.
I'm surprised there aren't butterflies flying all over the place, cause I had em' bad.
I couldn't talk without saying something dumb, choking on my own spit, or mumbling all my words. All I could do was laugh (it's a nervous habit).

We sat and looked at scrapbooks finding pictures of us when we were younger. It was so good. I get butterflies just thinking about it.

For those who don't know it, I should post our story sometime. You know how people don't believe in "the one"? Well I think they're all wrong. I'm sure we could all be happy with others, but nothing could be as right as this.


  1. Cute! I know what you mean, I have those moments all the time!

  2. Neil and I often tell each other we are so married even 6 years later after a baby! I still remember when you called me Sis Tomkinson lol I am glad the butterflys are still there that is how it should be I know I still get them! Love you!

  3. You two really do have the cutest story ever. I remember just like crying through your wedding dinner and Dal kept making fun of me. Yeah I like to think that Dal and I have as cute a story as you two...but nobody does:) You two win. Dal and I love you guys. Oh and I totally believe in "the one" too.

  4. Yep - need to post that story sometime. Going on 8 1/2 years and three kids - still amazed and thrilled that I lucked out. And I believe there is a "one" for everybody. Everybody. Glad you're still in love. :)


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