Making it happen...

Some of the most simple things are the most difficult.
For example:
Waking up when my alarm goes off
Getting out of bed in the morning
Writing letters to sister missionary friends

Ya get the gist? It's really tough. I was saying the other day to Derek that I think the best way to make sure to be on time to things especially when we have kids is to get ready to go first, then relax. Then I thought, how in the world is that supposed to happen when we can't even do that kidless?! It's so hard!

We are always late. I hate it. This is a habit that is a must break.
Some other habits I'd like to break are snacking when bored, cracking knuckles and neck, chewing on the inside of my lip when I'm really focused, and signing everywhere I go. It seems so normal to me to fingerspell or sign everything I see, but when I imagine watching someone else do it, I'd think they have a serious problem! Tonight I realized it really is a bad habit when Derek told me that I do it in my sleep. Yikes. And the cracking of the bones deal, the temple is THE worst! I hate needing to crack so bad when it is silent, and when you do it, EVERYONE looks at you in disgust. It's so embarrassing.

Ok, I'm not sure how I got on this tangent, but what I'm trying to say is...we really need to learn to be on time to things, even if it's not that important we be there on time. I get so frustrated with myself when I don't start dinner till 8 PM, wait days to put away laundry, leave dishes overnight, and haven't been on time to church in over a year, etc. I feel so much better when I just get things done. So why when all these things make us feel so great, are they so hard?! Crazy thing it is.

I have many new pictures I need to upload, but here is one for now.
Here is half of Zander's Halloween costume. He was a dragon. It was darling. We went to the Witch fest at Gardner Village one day.

I'm dying to see Elf Fest. At least I think that's what it is.
Have any of you seen it yet?

Toodle Pip for now!


  1. There was a girl in my Public Speaking class that gave her final presentation on "What is the key to success?" Her key to success really changed my life - so simple it's embarrassing that it changed my life. Here it is "Do what you should do, when you should do it (here's the kicker) even when you don't want to. She said her dad always said that to her and it helped her be successful in lots of things. Since then I have tried it and it has helped me get things done that I would normally wait until I was forced or would be embarrassed that I hadn't done it. Thanks for reminding me about this because I have forgotten about it the last few weeks! I am ALWAYS glad that I did something I did not want to do! And remember, no pain no gain. You will have to endure pain to get your knuckles from wanting to be cracked so bad. You have done it before - you can do it again! Great post and reminder to all of us who procrastinate things! Love you!

  2. I like what your mom said. I need to apply that to my life too! As far as getting to church on time, I've had to work at that. I was happy just to get to church on time because my family was always late yet Jared was always frustrated because we didn't get there early. Now we're always early, and maybe a few minutes later than he'd like to be but that's only a few times a year. My trick is to convince myself I have to be ready earlier than we're leaving. Right now we leave for church at 12:45 (it's only a few blocks away). I make myself be ready for church by 12:30. That way the last few things (putting lotion on, getting kids in the car, etc.) take up the last 15 minutes and we're gone on time. Another thing when you have kids is to get up with enough time to get yourself ready first. I'm always up and showered, dressed, makeup done before I start with kids. Then I can eat breakfast with them and help them get ready. Sometimes I'll let my hair dry while I'm getting them ready and then I do my hair last so it's got less drying time. The biggest thing for me is the time though. Always tell yourself and make yourself be ready 15 minutes before you need to be driving away. Seriously helped me a ton. Good luck!

  3. Love this post. Love yer guts. Keep workin' at it. We're all a work in progress and I hope I will be until the day I die. But DANG! Waking up when the alarm goes off is SO HARD!!!


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