Utes and babes

Our first attempt at taking a picture. Creeper father like creeper son.

Derek's Uncle was sick and couldn't go to the game, so they were so nice to let us use their tickets last minute and go to our first and probably only game! We just got back. It was a blast! Pretty rough and rainy game, but so fun being there!

Our final attempt at taking a picture. Sometimes D has a hard time finding the camera...

PS: notice the curls! My hair is getting healthier, which means I am gladly welcoming my natural curl back to my head!

As of late:

We celebrated Derek getting into NYU with a late dinner at Chili's.
Terrible picture, but trying to capture the memory the best we could.

A dear friend will soon be having her sweet little girl! A few of us friends paid her a visit to keep her company for a bit while she waits for the baby to decide to come.

We thought little Carter could flirt with her a bit with some kisses and get her to come out!

Well...we're off to NYC! We are stoked! We are going to see my little brothers boot camp graduation in South Carolina, but we are conveniently flying through NY! So we are making a stop to check it out and see some living options. Hopefully we have some luck!

Until we meet again...
Much love,


  1. So so so so so so exciting!!!! NYU!!! That's really crazy! And fun! How many years? 2? or 10? What a fun adventure. It will be so much fun and sooner than later, once you get out to NY... You'll be just like Christina. Splendid. Woah... New York... I don't know why but I'm a little bit freakin out about that. It's like when we come home from the Orient I want everything to be the same for everyone when we come back... but you'll be in New York. Live it up. Good luck on the Apt hunt. You are great. and Derek's post was so funny. I read it to Aust. Give him a thumbs up for me.

  2. Oh my! Does Grandma Walker know you are UTE fans?? You might as well apostatize! ha.

  3. I found your blog through the good life and am blog stalking, New York!! exciting, my brother went there for film school and I visited often while on work trips to the East Coast, it's expensive but fun... the Temple there is so neat, just a subway ride away! Congratulations!!!


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