Baby Name Reservation

This to let you all know we picked the name first...
Jk folks. But seriously.
We like to joke that we have to "reserve" the names. So here goes it.

BENSON (after Great Grandpa Ezra Taft Benson)

MAE (after one of Derek's favorite bands)

These are only tentative.
Does anyone else out there think about this often?!
I love it so much.

PS...we got some NY sports apparel in the mail today. It was like Christmas for D. We love them all. Special thanks to Justin who is a great brother to always deck out D with cool hats. And thanks to whoever invented things on sale. So I can have one happy hubby.


  1. aww cute! i totally do.
    i'm constantly looking @ online lists of names. i luv so many!!
    except im babysitting this week so its the last thing i want to think about. haha.

    congrats on your soon-to-be-move!!!
    im so excited for you!!

  2. I'm sad you're leaving but it'll be a good experience for you! We actually had the 3 names we've used picked out before we decided to start having kids. I know lots of people that struggle with deciding on names when they're expecting so it's good to be prepared and already have lists. :)

  3. I vote Madison:) I love my name and always have. When I was a baby Madison wasn't popular at all and my grandmother told my mom it wasn't a "real" name. Also they found it in the boys section of the baby book:)But I love it anyway.

  4. umm i love you! and i miss you & i'm glad i found your blog :) hope you're doing alright! you and your boy are the cutest ! And i'm loving the name ideas so far..

  5. I have cousins named Madison, Crew, Jace AND Jaxon. Great minds think alike?

  6. Love all those names... And even tho babies are a little ways down the road I am always coming up with new ones and asking Mitch what he thinks. Good times

  7. Neil and I did this ever since our first date lol they changed and our first was not named what we thought it would be at all:) I just felt like we already had a child named that name because we had said it for so long lol. Benson was actually on our list too:) We are always constantly talking about names for our next children:)

  8. Just for the record, Paisley is mineeee!!! ;)

  9. i totally just randomly saw this, and am wondering how you're related to Ezra Taft?? Cuz I am too! He's my great uncle or something! ha small world!

    1. Taryn, how funny! He is Derek's great grandpa! So which one of his siblings is someones grandpa/grandma? His brother Mark sealed us. Is it him?


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