Dreams become reality

You know how I dream of crafting?
Well I finally made it happen the other day!
My sissy Roxanne (she lived with my family when I was younger, we shared a room, therefore she is my sister) and her brand new baby Brecken came up for a visit. It was my first time meeting the little monkey and he is ADORABLE! His eyes are so beautiful. Here is the little Mr.

He is always doing some precious thing with his hands by his face. It's too cute.

Now to the crafting...
I went to my family's last Tuesday to see the babe and Roxy, and to make crafty flowers with them. Well I had a baby shower to get to that night, which I unfortunately didn't end up making it to, but I decided instead of buying a gift, I wanted to be sentimental and make one. I thought a baby wipe cover would be cute. Well in my mind I was thinking I was getting myself into a 1 maybe 2 hour project.
It took me from 11:30 AM - 7:00 PM. And I didn't even do the final ribbons I wanted to. But I think it turned out pretty cute.

My family suggested that I should have video taped the whole thing and given it along with the case so they could know how many burns and blisters went into that thing.
It's unfortunate that it seems like such a silly small gift. But really I think that was a bigger gift to myself cause I was finally able to do a little crafting and it was a success! I'm actually excited for more baby showers so I can get better at making fun little things.

I was going to blog a bit more about the camping trip with the Hallsteds, but I start my big 9 hour work day tomorrow so I need my rest.

Goodnight blogging world. Thank you for your inspiration and listening ears.


  1. That is so cute! Did you make up the pattern or have a tutorial? I want to make one!

  2. I made it up! I want to make a pattern though. It would be so much easier. I just cut out felt and glued it on. Then the material. Then covered the edges with ribbon. I made up the flower thing. I'll make a pattern and maybe get it online somehow.

  3. Oh Amanda, I love you! It was so fun hanging out with you! I so wished I lived in Utah so we could do more stuff like this:) And I loved how the wipe case turned out:)

  4. That is adorable. They will love it! I still have baby blankets that were given to me and made with a lot of love. Those are the ones that make the cut when I weed through them. Those are the things that help you feel special as a new mother.


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