My poor could have been starving husband

I seriously about dropped off the face of the earth. Not really, that just sounded like a good dramatic phrase to use. I have cooked a nice dinner ONCE in two weeks. I have had this two week course that ends tomorrow!!! Can't wait.

Derek has been so patient with me.
Happy me has been a bit crabby at times.
Happy me has been irritable and stressed.
Happy me has not been the best wife.I don't like it.

I would say that Derek has been starving....

Not this babe, but my babe!
D Walk is pro. He has learned to cook chicken, make tuna, fried rice and much more in these last two weeks! It's totally awesome!

I'm lovin' it...as long as he doesn't get better than me. I gotta stay on top in something in life.

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  1. hahahah if becoming a crab-apple is what you have to do to help your hubster develop his talents... I see no harm. you are really serving him by letting him cook :) Great Philosophy eh? I love it. and I'm excited for you to be done with schooly... now that you are a one-year-and-still-hott-wife... you have such a bright future! Love ya!


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