24: Our love hate relationship

I love the number 24.
Reason: I love the show 24

I hate the number 24.
Reason: My counselor missed seeing some credits I needed, so I am now cramming 24 credits in before June 22.

This may be totally sustainable and normal for the hubsters (Derek), but for me, this is insanity.

This(he) is also a contributor to the hate portion of this relationship.

The other part of the love relationship with 24. Derek was number 24 in lacrosse. Can't find a picture to save my life, so instead
Let's reminisce!!

All pictures below are from when we were ages 13-15.

The Walkers came to watch me in my play when I was in 8th grade!
I wanted to clarify so you don't think I wore that for real!

Hiking Timp Caves


Mmmmm... I love thinking about those days.



  1. DID YOU GUYS DATE IN HIGH SCHOOL?! cutest pictures ever. that first outfit from the play is way hot! . . . blog your love story. i dont think you have yet, have you? (from day one :))

  2. I love seeing your guys old pictures. such a cute story.

  3. Hahaha, your cute little awkward shots! LOVE THEM.

  4. Amanda! If you need pictures of Derek playing lacrosse, you just need to ask. Silly girl. And yes, I found your blog and read it. Gotta keep up somehow...


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