Karate chop!

D ditched class.
To see me.
We went grocery shopping.
It was such a good date.
We loaded the groceries in the car.
We pull out.
We start driving.
We pass this.We try so hard not to laugh.
We feel like jerks.
We do have hearts, I promise.
I then shared it with my class.
That I didn't ditch.
They laughed.
My teacher wasted 45 minutes.
Talking about THAT.
Ah yeah.

PS...I am REALLY missing my long hair. I am growing it out. But I hear the new fad is short. I checked out the Aniston Bob. I love it. I love her.

P.P.S...23.45 hours.


  1. I took my extensions out and Im hating life. I LOOOVE long hair. AND IT WASNT EVEN REAL! lol. You can kick it short with me :)


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