Mandy makes

I have now officially designed two invitations!
I ended up completely changing the last one...
BECAUSE...I lost it.
I was distraught last night.
But I stayed up until wee hours in the morning to redo the bridal invite and complete the baby shower invite.
Please may I share? Because I'm really excited and it's not very often that I can share something I MADE.

Please pardon the sharing of info.
I know you guys are niceys and not creepers.
I just don't want to go edit it out just to share it with my sweet blogging friends.

I seriously need to divorce the Picnik program and find something REAL.
We have had a good relationship though, and I think these turned out alright!
Let me know if you need an invite to something.
I enjoy it. Unless you're picky. Then don't ask.

Hugs and kisses,
(I'm now Mandy in the hubs phone too. This is legit guys. He says I need to change my facebook name now. I'm too scared)

PS: I still haven't heard from oreo.


  1. You made both of these on Picnik? I love the 2nd.

  2. Those are both so cute!
    Love your blog!


  3. Manda! Those are SO cute! I have an extremely talented sister!!:)


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