.......... = anxiety, stress, hard work
!!!!!! = done, excited, CALIFORNIA!

We are headed to Cali in about 6 hours.

This last week we babysat the Walker kids all week.
It was a blast.
I was SUPER stressed out until Thursday. Had a bit of a breakdown that night. I felt bad I wasn't being fun. Once Thursday came around though, we were like, super cool. But really, we had so much fun playing with Jake and Kenna. They are so great.
We feel like our brains have literally turned off studying and thinking mode. It's a weird feeling. Sometimes frustrating, but it feels so good to have spring break awaiting our arrival.

I have pictures of our St. Patrick's Day breakfast we had this morning that I will add soon.
Late I know, but every morning was nuts until today.
It was yummy and fun.
Sure love those walkers.

Pray for safe driving, no earthquakes and tsunamis, and that we can live through the radiation.
Jk, we'll be ok. We feel good about going.
But really, remember to pray for those Japanians. It's heart breaking.

(I apologize if this post is a little off/weird. I'm REALLY tired.)


  1. Amanda I love your post! I love your new Background! I am jealous you are going to Cali, I wish I could go with you! Please Drive safe, Ill be praying for you! I love you!!

  2. Just left San Francisco. Pouring down rain. Not to worry or bring your trip down! Just hope you were luckier than us!

  3. Collin King3/20/2011

    Tell the Mr. to call me sometime. I happen to be getting married this summer in Cali...

  4. i have been stalking your blog for quite some time and I LOVE it. You crack me up. Hope you have fun in california.


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