Christmas has begun...

...like 3 weeks ago.

I got really excited.

And then this happened.
I'm so excited for christmas!
Now we just need presents under the tree and to start creating our own christmas traditions. I'm very excited for our first christmas together.

This season we are also in Savior of the World at the conference center.
I love it. Derek likes it....sometimes :p
He is a trooper to do it with me though.

Happy holidays! :)


  1. Your blog looks amazing!

  2. Oh Amanda, I'm right there with you. I've been listening to Christmas music since July....
    I have all our decorations ready to go, and a designated spot for our tree (that we still need to find); but oh, I am so ready for Christmas!
    How fun that we get to celebrate our first Christmas with our husbands the same year!


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