ADD: Always disctracted disease

It is something extremely serious. It is hindering my ability to succeed. It somehow leads me to...

*facebook instead of textbooks.
*To this blog instead of making dinner.
*To distracting my husband as well as myself.

*To reading books instead of studying.

*To napping instead of preparing for my test tomorrow that I haven't studied for at all.

*To eating candy corn instead of writing my paper due in 2 days.

If only they had a cure.... This terrible and saddening condition is called......ADD which stands for attention deficit disorder. I takes over lives. It's also a


for my lack of



  1. Amanda I think I have caught that disease too!

  2. Mands.
    What the heck.
    I was totally in the middle of writing my art history paper and was thinking "hmm. I want to check manda's blog really quick"and this was the post?!?! Guilt trip galore.
    Love you and miss you much.
    See you this week though when you come to Paris!!

  3. I think this is a family gene... cause I def have it too. And Im so glad I got to see you guys in Utah I miss you already!


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