Makin' Memories!

This last weekend was a blast.

Friday, Derek came down. We hung out, took some pictures, and played around at my parents for a bit. Here are some cute pics my mom took.

I'd say this one's a little more creepy than cute.

I love this one. He makes a cute asian.
After hanging out with my family for a bit, we headed to my friends Berit and Suzy's apt for Pasta Night with all my girlfriends and Mike(Jess's boyfriend)! We made homemade pasta. It was way cool. We all ate, talked, and played games. Later we went to Spark bar and listened to Suz sing with her band. She's INCREDIBLE!!!!! We eneded the night by watching August Rush.

The next morning we took a little tour of UVU and visited with my Dad in his office. Visiting my Dad at work is one of the highlights of everyday at school. I love my Dad. Then we headed home and made yummy omlets. My whole family put on roller blades, and rolled on over to Lone Peak. We played tag and had a little snow fight.

Hyrum LOVES derek.
After roller blading, I was way tired. We don't get much sleep on the weekends. It's become a joke that we don't need sleep on the weekends, cause we have the weekdays to catch up on sleep. It really is quite convenient. I get so much done during the week and get to bed early, but the weekends are completely opposite, and I LOVE IT! So after roller blading we decided to relax and watch the Dark Knight. Of course, I fell asleep. Hannah decided to take some pictures while I was asleep. I woke up after a bit from the flash.

My mom made some delicious pizza for dinner. After eating that, we went to Comedy Sportz as a family to celebrate Hannah's birthday. It was so so fun. Comedy Sportz is really one of my favorite places.

Sunday we went to church with the family. I think people were intimidated by Derek. Ha. They would ask me who he was, but they would only whisper it to me, or wait till he wasn't around. It was pretty funny. After church, we played piano, games, and just hung out. It was fun.

The kids playing battleship

After dinner, we went up to Bountiful for a superbowl party with Derek's family. It was SO FUN!! I love love love the Walkers. They had the Schwabs over which was so fun getting to talk to them. I'm so glad we could make it up to bountiful.

Such a fun weekend! This weekend, I get to go to AZ with the Walkers!!!!!! I'm so excited!


  1. I love this woman! you guys are freaking cute...

  2. hey! i'm so glad i came across your blog! you are SO FREAKING gorg! and who is this cute boy? :)

  3. I totally found your blog via facespace. And I love it! who is this boy that is frequenting your pictures?

  4. I'm so honored that Mike and I made your blog! heehee. love you mands, and am so happy for you!!!


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