What happens in VeGa$ definitely doesn't stay in VeGa$ when it's with the Phelps family!

Vegas was an absolute blast. I can't believe all but about 3 cousins made it. There were 30 of us! I was the only 3rd generation cousin, but they're all close to my same age so I always tag along. Saturday we all hung out, and a few of us drove the strip.

Here are the few. Loni, Kelci, and Helen. Three amazing girls!

Friday we wanted to make some deals. K dumb joke. We went to "Let's make a deal!" with Wayne Brady. It was so intense!! We waited in line, had our interviews, then patiently waited to be seated. We were all pretty tired after waiting a while. I was worried I'd be falling asleep during the show. Oh no. No no. Once we entered the room, adrenaline flowed through my body and I had SO much energy! I was in a full on clown costume. Everyone has such goofy outfits on. Part of the show is dressing up, in case anyone was wondering why we were all dressed up. Before the show started, the stage manager came over to me and a few others and explained that we would be on the camera for most of the show, so we needed to have lots of energy the whole time and always be aware of what's going on. I had no clue how this game was even played! Wayne Brady comes out walking down the steps next to me, and I'm screaming acting like it's always been my dream to see him. Now that I think about it, I probably was just supposed to be clapping acting like he'd already been with us. Idk. Owell. He starts looking around for his first contestant. Wayne: "Who wants to make a deal?!" Everyone: screaming and clapping. Wayne: "Holly! Are you ready to make a deal?!" What're the chances that Holly gets picked out of everyone...and first!! She won a living room set I believe. Show goes on, I make a fool of myself the whole show, and am having a blast doing it. There was a point in the show, when someone chose a Zonk! The curtain opened, and of course, I start clapping and cheering. I didn't know what a zonk was! By the end of the game, I figured out how the game was played.

Finally it comes down to the Deal of the Day! And Holly gets chosen!!!! We were all freaking out! No only does she get chosen, but she wins the big deal! All 30 of us were jumping up and down on the stage and hugging and screaming. I haven't had that much energy in a long time! We aren't sure what the date is that they are airing it yet. I'm excited to watch it.

Holly (left) was the winner!!

After such an amazing day, we headed to the best buffet I've ever been to. They had every kind of food. The Crepes I think were everyone's favorite.

Cute Kelci and a delicious crepe

This wasn't the good stuff, but the only picture I could find of a plate of food.

Some people did some shopping, while a few of us hung out. The night before I thought I had lost my card, so I had to call and cancel it. As always, I found it right after cancelling it. But it's such a good thing, cause I ended up spending no money the whole trip! :) Some of us that weren't buying anything spent lots of time in this jewelry store. It was way fun. That night, we all went to ice cream in our pajamas, and then sat in one hotel room laughing and telling stories. Saturday morning, some of us went to the city center, and others went to the M&M and coke factories. We all met for lunch, then had to part. Aunt Nanette and I headed to the airport. I was flying home so I could go see Derek.
Me walking through the City Center. The architecture was amazing. The wood structure in front of me is the bottom of a restauraunt. There was a bubble with glass above it with all the tables. Amazing.

Everyone up really late chatting.

The Belagio had incredible cakes.
The chocolate fountain! A girls dream...

It was hilarious watching everyone taking pictures of others at once,
The Shenla jones girls. These are all my aunts and Grandma.
I love my mom tons.
ALMOST everyone.
The welcome wall and the mall.
Experience at the airport:
It took me a couple full flights till I finally got on, but I made it, and cute Derek picked me up.
Vegas created so many good memories and brought us all closer together as family!

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